Pilates Classes

 Pilates classes in Norton, Worcester

Small Class Pilates, individual attention

Jackie holds a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates and Exercise Referral  

Pilates offers a total body conditioning programme which enhances quality of life by improving strength, flexibility, co-ordination, body awareness and postural alignment.

It is a low impact form of exercise and a system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.  It focuses on core stabilisation, breathing and exercising with controlled and flowing movements.  The key to the Pilates method is pelvic and shoulder stabilisation, muscle activation and abdominal control, concentrating on the deeper layers of abdominal muscles.

Pilates Class availability – updated on 1 July 2018 

  • Tuesday 9.30am – Full
  • Tuesday 6pm –Full    
  • Tuesday 7.05pm – Full 
  • Thursday 7pm 1 space
  • Thursday 8.05pm– Full   

Beginners are able to slot into one of my classes after completing a one-to-one session introducing the principles and assessing suitability – priced at £30 (1 hour).  This will be held on a Tuesday at 8pm at the Beechill Room.  It’s a great way to give an introduction to the pilates method and prepares you for the classes.

Pricing works out at £7.50 per session which is payable before the block of sessions commence, for example a 6 week block will cost £45, payable before commencement of the block.  If you are not a beginner and would like to come and try a class (if there is availability) you are welcome to pay for one session before you commit.

When carrying out everyday activities, pilates helps you become more aware of your posture and alignment.  This is very important – it’s not just about the hour of pilates exercise.  It helps you become more aware of your posture thus giving you the ability to self-correct.  Before trying pilates exercises, you learn how to move from your core, and only then will you be able to realise the full potential of pilates.

Current participants are female and male, aged from late 30s – 78 years old with varied health and abilities.  The morning class is more suited to my older clientele whereas my evening classes are generally a younger age group.

Payment is taken before the course commences by cheque, cash or online bank payment.

I can be contacted on 07817 452578 or email to discuss your requirements.


Pilates Testimonials

Jackie is an inspirational teacher of Pilates, her classes are fun as well as useful and her encyclopedic  knowledge of health and nutrition underpin all of her advice   –  Tess Cooper, Northwick, Worcester 


Jackie’s Pilates approach is wonderful! She runs small friendly classes in a relaxed but skilled and progressive way, with time and focus on identifying the need for one-to-one attention.

Having previously become disillusioned with the usual larger  impersonal Pilates classes  (where I came to believe I was always doing everything wrong),  Jackie has greatly improved my confidence through her patient encouragement. 

I now feel I am making real progress!  Jan T, Norton, Worcester


Excellent Pilates class, Jackie’s great!  Not only have I noticed a big difference in my aching back (hardly ever aches now) and posture, but it’s good fun too.

Sarah, Kempsey, Worcester