I believe that a healthy lifestyle needn’t involve depriving yourself of your favourite foods, or following a strenuous, lengthy exercise regime; making small but long-term adjustments to your diet and lifestyle can lead to huge improvements in your health.



Stomach pain, IBS symptoms

Before I came to see Jackie for nutritional advice I was experiencing a lot of stomach pain and indigestion symptoms which caused many sleepless nights and discomfort when eating a different types of foods. After my first consultation with Jackie I already felt like I had a much better understanding of what was causing the problems. Within a few weeks of making changes to my eating habits and taking the supplements Jackie had recommended, I was feeling back to my old self, if not better than before all the symptoms. The follow up consultation was also great and I now feel much more energised and healthier within myself. I’m very grateful to Jackie for all the help and advice she has given me.

Katie, Bewdley

Sinus infections, low immune system
I sought Jackie’s advice last year having suffered for many years with numerous colds and subsequent chest infections which I struggled to shake off, I also had a very poor sleeping pattern.

Visibly have made some really good gains.  I’m at 13 stone and 4 pounds and leaner than I was. Been really bad at tracking it with the scales and the fat % unfortunately but I am happy with the results that I have from your diet advice. Thank you for you help.

J Bridge, Pershore


Jackie organised a test to establish if there were any underlying issues and then recommended a drastic change in diet with the addition of various supplements. I experienced an immediate improvement in my health and wished I had discovered her earlier. Jackie is very knowledgeable on this subject and worked hard to only make recommendations which she thought would both fit my lifestyle and that I would stick to.

M Heisch


I went to see Jackie about the Metabolic Balance programme in August 2013 after gaining weight during a prolonged period of anxiety and low mood.

Jackie was fantastic and listened to what I wanted to achieve from the programme, both physically and mentally.  She was great at helping me get the blood test organised and with talking me through the implications of my results.  In between face to face sessions, Jackie would check in to see how I was going especially in early phases when things can be a bit tougher.  I lost a stone in about 4 weeks and then a further stone in the next 8 weeks!  I felt fantastic, more confident, much more energetic and felt in control of food, rather than feeling food was controlling me.   By the second week into the programme, I was not feeling hungry at all in between meals and the urge to snack had greatly reduced.  I’ve found myself thinking much more about the nutritional content of food and drinks and the impact they will have on my health and mood.  I can’t thank Jackie enough for the way she has helped shaped my attitude to nutrition and the positive impact it still continues to have on my life.

Kay H, 2014